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Glossy Clean - house cleaning services in Cleveland, OH area offering best house cleaning prices and services in the area. A regular house cleaning prices include such services: vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing sinks, floors,instant, online house cleaning estimates in Cleveland area countertops and range hoods, also we can load the dishwasher and change bed linen by your request. Our prices are highly customizable and available on our web-site true our online estimate tool which can give the customized quote for your home cleaning needs in just couple of minutes. In order to get an instant online house cleaning price please fill out all required fields and your estimate will show up instantly, with no personal information required. If you decide to signing up for the recurring service it will lower your house cleaning price.

Also Glossy Clean offering free on-site estimates where one of our representatives will give you exact online house cleaning prices in Clevelandhouse cleaning price and will answer all your questions about our rates and our home cleaning services. To make our cleaning services more convenient for you we are accepting couple of different payment methods such as: cash, check, money order, credit and debit cards. If you need any additional information or you have a question just contact us by phone 440-381-9315 or e-mail:

We just added new feature to our house cleaning price calculator, now you can schedule appointments for on-site estimate.

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*If you have any questins about this house cleaning quote please email us or call 440-381-9315.