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House Cleaning Questions and Answers - April 2011

Posted by Glossy Clean

In this blog post I will answer 4 very common questions, asked by our regular house cleaning customers here in Cleveland. Two of them will be related to house cleaning supplies and their usage and another two will be about our company and our house cleaning services.

Question #1: Can I use Pine Sol to clean a glass surfaces?

Answer: No. Our practice shows that Pine Sol leaves stains on the glass and the glass surface doesn't shine the way it suppose to be after polishing. We recommend using Windex for all types of glass surfaces.

Question #2: Can I use Clorox to clean wooden surfaces?

Answer: Absolutely NO! Clorox will damage any wooden surface. For cleaning wooden surfaces we recommend all purpose cleaners such as Mr. Clean or Pine Sol, and for polishing we recommend using Pledge or Lemon Oil.

Question #3: Do you have references?

Answer: Yes. We have our current client references available upon request.

Question #4: How do you charge for your services?

Answer: All our prices are based on the size of the house and its condition. We do NOT charge per hour, we charge for the job. For the instant house cleaning estimate please visit our house cleaning quote page.

04/07/2011 16:10:23