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House Cleaning Tips

Posted by Glossy Clean

Are you one among those who love to have a spotless house but do not have time to spend on cleaning work? Well, Don't worry any more. Here are a few tips that have been given by the best experts in this field. These tips will make your work easy, effective and less time consuming. You will have a sparkling house within no time.

Kitchen is the first place which tends to get dirty quickly. Experts suggest to start cleaning from the right side of your stove and to move in the clockwise direction. The stove is the part which becomes dirty very soon. You can drip your pans and knobs in lukewarm water. Your solution can have soap content. This will remove the excess grease and oil on your pans and knobs. There are solutions which are specialized solutions which can remove grease and oil and you can use them.

House Cleaning Tips

Your sink is prone to bacterial attack. It is hard to believe but experts feel that a dirty sink can lead to many new diseases. It is found that the kitchen sink is prone to more bacterial attacks than your toilet seat. It is therefore important that you use a good sanitizer and a disinfectant to clean your kitchen sink. While cleaning your sink, take care that you use soap water first and then spray vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and let the sink dry for few minutes. You can wash it off after the layer is dried up. Experts recommend that you should spray a few drops of oil after you wash off your sink. This will help in preventing water from stagnating and thereby will help your sink to look clean for a longer time.

If you use a dishwasher then it is important that you use baking soda and wipe it in the interior of the dish washer. You can even run the dishwasher with an empty cycle as this will help in killing bacteria.

We all tend to use sponges to clean every part of the kitchen. Sponges are the best areas where bacteria breed. They need to be disinfected often. The best method to do this is to squeeze the sponge and microwave the sponge for a minute or two. You should replace your sponge as soon as they start smelling.

Keep your bathroom door clean and shining. You should rub a teaspoon of lemon once a month. There are many solutions available in the market which can be used for this purpose as well.

Remove clogging of pipelines in your toilet by hair and other particles. You may use products available in the market which are specialized for this purpose. Pouring boiling water will also help in draining the clogs and thereby help in keeping the pipelines problem free. If you are prone to hair fall then there are chances that your house has lots of annoying hair strands all over the floor. You should sweep them often. It is a good idea to do so every day.

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