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Our House Cleaning Process

Posted by Glossy Clean

Do you not have time to clean your home? Do you desire to have a healthy, clean home? With Superior Home Cleaning Service with our twenty-two step, unique cleaning system you can be sure that your home is clean without having to do the work yourself. With our service you can be sure that your family has the healthiest environment possible.

We use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. We only use vacuums that are state of the art and uses HEPA filters. We methodically clean your home from the bedroom to the kitchen to ensure a healthier and cleaner home.

In the kitchen while the sink may look clean there may be germs hiding in there. Our maids focus on making your sink and kitchen as clean as possible. We clean all the exteriors of all appliances. We do not neglect the inside of the microwave either. The top of the range may have grease and spills that we will remove and you will come home to a range that is squeaky clean. We will wipe down all the cabinets to remove any residue, grease or dust. The counters are important to keep clean to prevent germs from developing in your kitchen. We will wash every inch of your counters to ensure your family is protected against germs. As far as the floor goes we will wash it by hand. We will load your dishwasher and never leave any dirty dishes for you to take care of.

In the other rooms of your home we will help you keep your life organized. We pick up items and help to keep our home clean and straightened. We will dust you pictures and wall hangings, ledges and sills. We will never miss any place that may hold dirt. You will never see cobwebs as we will dust and vacuum to remove any dirt that may be hiding anywhere in your home. The carpets and floors will be vacuumed and we pay special attention to the edges near the walls. Stairs may be hard to clean but we will take care of that for you.

We will take the time to vacuum under your beds to get to all the dust and dirt lurking there. We will change your sheets for you to come home to a clean bed. All trash receptacles will be emptied as well.

In the bathroom we will switch out your towels, clean the sinks and counters and make sure that the room will make give you a pleasant smile when you enter it. As far as the shower, tubs, and toilets go we will clean and disinfect them so that they are free from germs and shine. We take extra care to be sure there is not any remaining soap scum or residue. When you come home your bathroom will smell clean and fresh.

No one likes to wash windows but our service will be sure that every window in your home sparkles.

Our cleaning products are healthy and will make your home shine. When you have your home professional cleaned you can breath easier. When all the surfaces of your home are clean you do now have to worry about any hidden dust, dirt or germs. We never miss places that other services might. We do not neglect the tops of the refrigerator, under the beds or any place that dirt might try to hide. We even brush the hinges of your toilet seats every time we come to clean your home!

If a clean home is important to you then trust out bonded and trained team of cleaning specialists.

Why spend your time cleaning when you have more important things to do. You don't when you leave the cleaning to us. Not having to clean your home yourself will allow you more time to spend with your family and friends. It is a smart decision to hire a professional cleaning service.

When looking for a cleaning service there are some basic things you should look for. First they should be bonded. If anything goes missing then you know you are protected. Make sure that they are bonded to protect you and not them. Insurance is another issue. If the maid should fall or slip while cleaning your home do you want to have your homeowners policy be responsible? No, the maid service should protect their employees in case of an accident while on the job.

It is important to check the references of the cleaning company you use. Ask for work history and references. When checking the references be sure to ask how long they have been using the service, what complaints have they had if any and would they recommend the service? Talking to references is a good way to determine if the company is reliable.

The next thing to check is does the company screen the employees they hire? Do they verify the references, perform criminal background checks and verify if they are legally able to work in the country? Are the maid subcontractors or employees? Are they maids trained and have insurance?

What cleaning products are used? Do you supply the cleaning supplies or does the company use their own? Do they use harsh chemicals or environmentally friendly ones? Are the products they use safe for pets and children? Today "green" products are becoming more popular. If the company you are considering claims to use green products ask them for verification. Whatever products are used they should protect your home from Salmonella and staph infections. It is nice to know if the products being used in your home is both environmentally friendly and kills germs. The company should not use just watered down ingredients to try to pass them off as environmentally friendly. Watering down of cleaning solutions will only reduce their effectiveness. See if the company uses natural ingredients that are safe or bio-based. Products should not be toxic to the environment but take advantage of the natural cleaning products found in nature.

The equipment that the company uses should be of high quality in order to be able to clean the home. Both the efficiency and filtration systems should be considered when choosing a cleaning agency.

The main thing that a cleaning company should focus on is your satisfaction. It is important to be able to measure the effectiveness of the cleaning service as well as how satisfied their customers are.

When you hire a quality professional cleaning service you can be sure that your house will be cleaner than ever. When you use a service you can be sure that every crook and cranny of your home is cleaned. Through their cleaning processes they will remove more contaminants and allergens than you can achieve through traditional cleaning methods. If you suffer from allergies or asthma then a professional cleaning service can help relieve your symptoms.

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