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Reasons For Using Our Green House Cleaning Services

Posted by Glossy Clean

Cleaning your home is something which needs to be done sometimes once a week or several times a week depending how your household runs. Many individuals will just run to their local grocery or department store and purchase cleaning products. This can start to add up once you purchase those cleaning products with name brands which offer you the best clean possible. Well since many are now trying to go green when it comes to everything else, have you ever considered going green when it comes to having your house cleaning chemicals go green as well? If you have not, Glossy Clean can break you in in the go green cleaning services they provide from their company. Of course you have an option when it comes to using our services. You can either use the traditional products such as Windex, Mr. clean, and so forth but going green you will notice the chemical smell will not give you a headache or linger around for quite some time. Green products are all natural kitchen ingredients you might use in your daily lifestyle. If you have younger children or even animals you will feel safe knowing that Glossy Clean is using all natural products which will be harmless to your children and pets including yourself.

Glossy Clean is a family owned company which will be moving down generations to generations so they will all be familiar with the green products and how they work. It will be great to know that you are in hands of professionals and not a large company either. Our family owned company will provide you with the services you desire and look for in larger companies but in a smaller company which will win your trust once you see how their cleaning products and friendly cleaners provide the services needed to you and your family.

The World is becoming more and more damaged by using chemicals and other non-eco friendly products so why not change your part and start cleaning green and still getting that spotless shine you always wanted. Glossy Clean will provide our services all natural giving you that cleaning atmosphere that those chemical products would give you but without the harsh smells. Products used by Glossy Clean will include liquid soap and detergents. You will not have any type of detergents which contain petroleum or alkyphenol ethoxylates in them. Vinegar, washing soda, and liquid soap are the closest to chemicals you will get. Of course vinegar does have a tendency to leave an odor but this will only last around two hours. In the end you will be happy to know that your home was cleaned without harsh chemicals and the fumes you smell are all natural and will diminish after a few hours but the home is still spotless and clean.

If you or someone in your home has asthma, you know how safe you need to be when removing dust particles out of the home such as vacuuming the rugs, carpets, and even the furniture. Glossy Clean using a certified asthma friendly vacuum which has been tested and approved by the allergy and asthma foundation of America. It will be wonderful to know that you will not have to worry about your or others in your home having an issue breathing once the cleaning process is finished or in the process of being cleaned. The air will be fresh and so will your furniture and other objects when using Glossy Clean as your green cleaning service providers.

If we in Glossy Clean notice that your home has a tough spot to clean such as the shower or bathtub, it may call for a different type of product to be used rather than the basic vinegar, washing soda, or soap, they will use an all natural cleaner which was purchased at the green store. There will not be your basic products which you can find in your kitchen but no fret, you will still be in good hands and helping the planet as your home is being cleaned for you and your busy schedule.

As all of us love those fresh smells such as rosemary and lavender, Glossy Clean does recommend that you can freshen up your home after their services are rendered just to mask the smell of the vinegar products but again going green while freshening up your home. Try using fresh rosemary, sage, lavender, or even eucalyptus to freshen the air in your home. You can place these oils around your home in glass jars or you can find potpourri which is all natural at stores around your area. It will be a fresh scent throughout your home which will just give you a piece of mind that you are still assisting in the ego friendly cleaning and freshening of your home. Another way you can just absorb the vinegar smell in your home or even other odors which roam around would be using baking soda. You can make this look like a great decor around your home would be placing the baking soda in containers which blend in with the atmosphere around your home. Make sure if you have children or pets that you place these containers high enough for them to be safe.

Many will ask why using chemicals sold at the store which are name brands are harmful to our planet. Aerosol fragrances can be very harmful to children, pets and even some adults which suffer from asthma or other health situations. These aerosol fumes are in the air causing many asthmatic patients issues with their breathing and even skin or eye irritation if something in the product is a bit harsh for a few in your home. Other issues with chemical cleaning products from the store will be the toxins which many will use. If you have ever read on the back of those bottles it will most of the time say “caution: do not use around children or animals. If contact with skin flush immediately and contact a doctor.” By reading this it should put a fear in the back of your head and question, what exactly is in this product to cause issues with our skin or eyes? So knowing that Glossy Clean uses all natural products which you can cook with in your kitchen weekly, it will give you a bit of ease knowing you are able to breathe peacefully without feeling you are breathing in harmful toxins which can cause issues with your health or others.

So the next time you search for a cleaning company around your area, think of Glossy Clean and our all natural products which can still give you that spotless shine but also a non-toxic cleaning service provider for you and your families health.

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